WebXam Career-Technical Upload File Template and Defintion

New for SY2023-2024
  • The "Additional Tests" field is no longer processed, but should still be included as a blank column
  • There must be a matching CTE/FCE Program based on the Teacher, Building and Pathway
Field Required Description Possible Values Example Example
SSID Yes 2 letters and 7 numbers, uniquely identifies students AA####### AB1234567 AB1234567
First Name Yes The Student's First Name Pat Pat
Last Name Yes The Student's Last Name Smith Smith
Building IRN Yes The 6 digit IRN of the student's school building./td> Any building IRN 001234 001234
Grade Level Yes The student's grade level at the time the test was taken 5-12/Other 10 11
Graduation Year Yes The student's expected graduation year 2022,2023...,NA. 2022 2023
Race No The student's race A, I, B, P, M, H, W, NS M A
Gender No The student's gender M, F, NS M F
Accommodation No Accommodation the student should have when testing R, T, D, U U
Pathway Yes What ODE pathway is the program the student is in aligned to Any ODE Program Code or CTE Pathway Assessment Code A0 03MC
Additional Tests No This field is not longer used (2023-2024)
Teacher License ID Yes The teacher's state license ID AA####### OH7654321 OH7654321
Teacher Name Yes The teacher's name Lastname, Firstname Smith, Jerry Smith, Jerry
Tags No Any Tags you want applied to the student account Seperate multiple tags by semicolons Global Foods 2021 Ag period 1